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Dissolvalloy’s™ Fracking Ball Makes For More Efficient Oil and Gas Extraction

frac plugs | fracking ball | dissolvable frac ballSince the initiation of fracking processes in the American countries over sixty years ago, it has been the pivot to the development of the oil and gas industry in the country. Fracking has enabled the domestic production of gas and oil in the U.S. This development is attributed to the innovation of the frac ball that is used in the process.

Frac balls are inserted into wells to build up pressure in the ground. This high pressure created causes the fracking of specific identified areas. The balls vary in size, subject to its application. The frac balls should withstand high pressure and temperature in order to make a successful fracking process. The development of the dissolvable fracking ball has boosted functionality, efficiency of the technology, and saved on time and cost of retrieving them.

The particulars of dissolvable fracking balls vary from their size, density and tolerance. Dissolvalloy™ manufactures magnesium fracking balls which are lighter and stronger than any other frac ball on the market. The balls can be used in water under 150 degrees temperatures. Their light weight is attributed to their low density of 1.8 to 1.9 cubic centimeters. The average size of the frac ball is 20 to 100 millimeters. The company manufactures fracking balls that are versatile in their applications.  See the technology at work here. 

Why Frac Balls are so important to the Oil and Gas Industries Future

Fracking processes make use of the ball in various ways. To mention a few; they can be used for fracturing wells of multistage packer, low pressure wells, sliding sleeves in open holes and others. The balls are put under various conditions that it should withstand. Regular replacement of the ball is done and it is observed that their diameter and physical structure have changed.

The dissolvable fracking ball that Dissolvalloy™  provides holds high esteem in keeping the horizontal wells can be kept cleaner, and they disintegrate within a period of time without causing any damage to the environment. The balls have proved to be a very simple way to solve pipe blockage in well pipes. It’s evident that their demand will exponentially increase as the oil and gas industry grows over time, and their importance considered.

Dissolvable frac balls produced by Dissolvalloy™  can withstand temperature and pressures of 300 degrees and 15000 psi respectively (see product testing by clicking here). The fracking balls made by Dissolvalloy™  have enlightened the work offracking | Halliburton | Slumberger | We are the best operators since they have an easier task by not having to retrieve used balls. They do not have to be removed by flushing or milling them out of a pipe, saving a lot of time and millions of dollars for the contractors. The dissolvable frac balls have also proved to prevent accumulation of debris in the fracking well pipes.  The magnesium fracking balls made by the company are lighter and stronger. This is attributed to the low density of magnesium material. Therefore one will not worry about damages of the pipes and other associated machinery. Their light weight makes it easy for their movement in the pipes and has drastically reduced the energy costs.

Dissolvalloy™ manufactures dissolvable frac balls that are customized to disintegrate in controllable rate as they move down the fracking holes. Their exit is also terrific as they move out in very minute micro sized particles. As earlier explained it eliminates the need to physically retrieve the used frac balls and prevents well damages and other well tools as well.

The degradable fracking balls have shown their perfect compatibility with tools such as the sliding sleeves, the bridge plugs and perf completions. This compatibility comes with a mutual coexistence as the fracking balls do their work without damaging the tools and walls they are placed in.

Product Testing and Performance


Dissolvalloy™ assures clients the production of quality fracking balls as they put them under vigorous tests before they are shipped to them. The various aspects tested are their temperature tolerance, if they can withstand high pressures. Their dissolution rate is also tested and disintegration time noted to enable efficient refilling of the ball into the wells. The other feature tested is the ability to dissolve in various chemicals, such as brine. It’s with these that the company guarantees the production of quality ball to the industry.

The other unique feature not to be forgotten about the magnesium fracking balls is that their use hastens the fracking process. They ensure clean operations of the pipes as mentioned, provides an astonishing compatibility with the various tools they are used in. The fracking ball are safer in operation, their efficiency is guaranteed, and finally the balls have proved to be more profitable in production of gas and oil products. Therefore boosting the industry and scaling it to higher levels.

In conclusion, the dissolvable frac balls have proved to be the best choice in the industry. Their operations cannot be compared to the other types of balls such as the plastic fracking balls. The aspect of dissolution has introduced a more advantageous feature. Cost of production has been drastically reduced and the fracking process improved due to this invaluable innovation.

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